Schools and Groups

Information for Schools, Groups, Clubs and Summer Camps

How to Qualify

To qualify for group rate you must have 10 or more children over the age of 4. The Park is not suitable for groups of children above the age of 13 years.


A Group Rate of €19 per person is available for SCHOOLS, CLUBS, SUMMER CAMPS and other groups of children in parties of 10 or more. The admission includes a Gold Bracelet and the cost should be collected before arrival to the Park.

Group leaders are admitted free of charge in the understanding that they supervise their group for the duration of their visit. One adult for every five children will be admitted free of charge.


Every 10 children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. One adult must be nominated to be in charge of the group.


The Group Rate is NOT available on SUNDAYS during JULY and AUGUST or on BANK HOLIDAYS.

How to Book / Payment

A booking must be made prior to your visit and all monies collected by the organiser prior to arrival. Payment is made to us on the day, no deposit is required.

Group organisers should give notice of a visit by telephone, writing or e-mail. Contact details are HERE. Or fill out the enquiry form below.


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